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My first work created by game engine Unity. It's a free nonviolent game using first person view. You try to collect at each level as many coins as possible within the time limit. Nothing more - nothing less.

The game contains 9 levels - sum of levels time limits is 30 minutes. To make it little more interesting, every time you start the game, the coins are randomly placed in levels.

All assets (textures, objects, music...) in this game were created by me, so you should not expect excellent graphics or music :-)

Used tools and software:
  Gimp - to create textures
  Blender - to create 3D models (those few)
  Yamaha MX49 and Cubase LE 6 - music and sound effects (that one clink sound, when you take a coin)
  Visual Studio Community 2015 - for some scripts
  Unity - game engine packing all of this together.

Just a moment:
The game runs on Windows OS (min Vista), unpacked zip require 47 MB on HDD. Without instalation, the game is portable.